front sign2Welcome to Twin Lakes Pet Resort & Spa and thank you for your consideration when thinking about the care of your pet. Our highly experienced staff and family environment bring your pet a level of care above and beyond that of other facilities. Each member of our staff has 15+ years of experience in pet care and believe that your pet’s health, well-being, and comfort should be top priorities. You and your pet will feel like part of the family from the moment that you walk in the door.18b

Our Resort is your pet’s home away from home. The suites are completely indoors for climate control and constant supervision, while each of the 5’X4′ suites are spacious enough to accommodate the whole family. Individual walks several times a day, including late evening, help avoid some common health issues, such as diarrhea or dehydration. Our goal is for your pet to have an “at home” feeling while you’re away. We also want to reunite you and your pet as soon as possible by offering after-hours pick-up times.

Our Spa is equipped to accommodate all breeds, sizes, ages, and temperaments of dogs and cats. Our pre-groom evaluation will help determine the best Spa products and services to help your pet look and feel their best.
Walk-in services, such as toenail trims, are available for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, and some other exotic pets.twinlakespetclinic_banner1

If your pet is in need of veterinary care, the doctors at our affiliate, Twin Lakes Pet & Bird Clinic, would love to help. As an added convenience, some veterinary procedures can be taken care of while your pet is at the Resort or Spa, and we’ve noticed that pets who receive vet care while at the Resort or Spa, do not appear nervous or stressed.

Twin Lakes Pet Resort & Spa is located at 26828 Highway 380 East, between Aubrey and Little Elm, across from Savannah. We share a drive with Mansions 3Eighty Logo