The Resort

The Resort: Built for Comfort 

  • The Resort offers 2 types of suites*.6b
    ~ Premium suites have a glass front door, giving it a more home appeal.
    ~ Basic suites have a barred front door.
    * All pets receive the same level of care.
  • The large 5’X4′ suites make it possible for families to stay together to reduce stress and increase comfort levels. (Pets can separated at feeding time, if needed.)
  • The suites are 100% indoors for climate control and constant supervision.
  • Solid walls divide each suite.
  • Food and water dishes are up off the ground.
  • Beds, blankets, and toys from home are always welcome!
    ~ We also recommend bringing an unwashed tshirt or blanket with a parent’s scent still on it..

Maintain a Regular Schedule:

  • Pets are individually walked several times throughout the day.
    ~ We monitor each pet for signs of diarrhea, dehydration, etc.
  • Pets are fed according to the schedule you provide. We monitor food and water consumption.
    ~ We ask that you put dry food in ziploc baggies and divided into individual meals.
    ~ We ask that wet (canned) food is labeled with your pet’s name and a can cover provided, if needed.
  • We administer scheduled medications, including insulin injections, oral medications, eye/ear drops, etc.
    ~ A $5/day medication administration applies.

General Care:

  • All pets receive individual attention and wellness checks daily.
  • All pets have daily playtime*, either individually or family. All pets have the opportunity to play in our new outdoor play yard. (We always try to get pictures/video during playtime. We can text these to you, if requested.)
    * At this time, we do NOT have a Doggie Daycare program that would allow groups of dogs to play together.
  • Bathing and/or grooming is available the day before or the day of your pet’s scheduled pick-up. (Advanced scheduling is preferred.)


Resort Kennel Care:

  • In addition to the superior level of care each pet receives while staying at the Resort, we follow strict cleaning measures before, during, and after your pet’s stay.
    ~ Each suite is disinfected from top to bottom between pets.
    Suites are disinfected as needed during a pet’s stay.
    ~ Food and water bowls are changed out and disinfected daily.
    Pets that eat wet food will have their bowls changed out after each meal.
    ~ Suites are cleaned daily and all bedding changed out and washed.