Pets with Fleas


Twin Lakes Pet Resort & Spa is a FLEA-FREE ZONE.
The health and well-being of all pets are our top priorities, therefore, we have a strict policy regarding pets with fleas. We act swiftly and thoroughly in order to prevent other pets from coming in contact with fleas.

  • A Flea Treatment:
    ~Capstar® pill
    ~ A Bath with PPP Citrus Flea Shampoo
  • If you know your pet has fleas:
    ~ DO NOT bring your pet into the Resort or Spa until you are given permission.
    ~ DO NOT allow your pet to walk in the grassy areas.
    ~ Check-in and please be patient while we prepare for your pet.
    ~ You may be asked to administer the Capstar®, for safety purposes.
  • If we find fleas on your pet:
    ~ We will attempt to contact you.
    ~ A Flea Treatment will begin immediately.
    ~ You WILL be held responsible for all charges incurred.
  • Estimated price for a Flea Treatment:
    A flea treatment price is added on to a regular Spa bath/groom service. If the pet is staying at the Resort, a base bath service plus flea treatment will be charged.
    ~ Small – $25
    ~ Medium – $30
    ~ Large – $35
    ~ XLarge – $40
  • After Care:
    ~ While your pet is at the Resort or Spa, wash all of their bedding in hot water.
    ~ Treat your home/yard or contact a pest control company.
    ~ Treat the carpet/upholstery in the vehicle that you transported your pet in.
    ~ Purchase a flea preventative.