Policies & Procedures

Twin Lakes Pet Resort & Spa

Pet Parent Polices & Procedures


VACCINATIONS: All pets are required to have current vaccinations before being allowed into the Resort or Spa. Vaccinations must be administered a minimum of 7 days prior to the drop-off of a Resort stay or Spa appointment. By providing the veterinarian or clinic name and phone number, vaccinations can be verified prior to your pet’s arrival, avoiding any inconvenience.
Required Vaccinations:
Dogs: Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, Leptospirosis, & Bordetella
Cats: Rabies, Feline Distemper

NO FLEAS & TICKS: Any pet found to have fleas or ticks will be treated, at your expense, NO EXCEPTIONS!
If you know your pet has fleas:
–Please DO NOT bring your pet into the Resort or Spa until you have permission. DO NOT allow your
pet to walk out in the grassy area. This is to prevent other pets from becoming infested with fleas.
If we find fleas on your pet:
— We must treat it immediately to prevent other pets from becoming invested. We will attempt to
contact you regarding treatment, however, the pet MUST be treated. NO EXCEPTIONS!
A flea treatment consists of administering a CapStar® pill and bathing in a natural flea shampoo
containing citronella oil, lemon grass oil, cedar oil, clove oil, and peppermint oil. We also provide an
application of  Frontline Gold®, which lasts 30 days. The price of a flea treatment is an additional
charge to the price of a groom or bath.
Small – $30           Medium – $35                   Large – $40          Xlarge – $45

Resort Prices: All prices given are valid at Twin Lakes Pet Resort & Spa only.
— You are responsible for all charges incurred during your pet’s Resort stay at time of pick-up.
Spa Prices: Any prices quoted are estimates only and subject to change. There are several factors that
may affect the price of a bath or grooming service, included but not limited to: breed, age, coat
condition, pet’s behavior, and difficulty of services requested.

Please be on time. NOTE: Resort drop-off times do vary, however, we ask that you drop off no later
than 5:30p. If you drop off after 4:30p, please feed your pet dinner at home, if needed.
Spa Pick-Ups: We ask that pets are picked up within 90 minutes of your phone call, text, or email
stating that your pet is ready. Pets left longer than 90 minutes will be moved to Day Boarding and an
additional $10 per pet will be charged.
Pet must be on a leash or under your control during drop-off or pick-up.

Your signature (electronic or in person) authorizes Twin Lakes Pet Resort & Spa to seek treatment for
your pet in the case of a medical emergency. We will attempt to contact you, however if you cannot
be reached, we will have them treated by one of our doctors at Twin Lakes Pet & Bird Clinic.

Payment is due at pick-up, unless prepayment has been made.
Accepted forms of payment:  Cash, Check* (with proper identification), Visa, Mastercard, Discover,
American Express, PayPal, or Venmo.
*There is a $30 services charge on returned checks.