Referral Rewards & Loyalty Points

We love our big, happy family and there’s no better feeling than seeing the wiggly butts and smiling faces every day. There’s always room for more! We want to thank you for being part of our family and for helping it continue to grow!

If you love being a part of our family, tell everyone that you know that has a pet and earn rewards!

  • Here’s how:
    ~ Tell them to put your name in the Referred By space on the New Family Form.
    Resort reservations/ Spa appointments are required.
    Current vaccinations are required.
    ~ You will receive a $5 reward (in the form of 100 Loyalty Points).
    There is no limit to the number of referral rewards that you may earn.


Our family means a lot to us and to show our appreciation, we make earning points easy!

  • Here’s how:
    ~ 1 point is earned for every dollar spent (not including tax).
    ~ Points accumulate by family, not individual pet.
    ~ Points are tracked automatically with each paid Resort stay and Spa service.
    ~ A $5 reward is earned for every 100 points accumulated.
    We alert you when rewards are available.
    Rewards may be used each time they are earned or let them accumulate for larger discounts.