Spa Hours


Monday  – Saturday
8:00am – 6:00pm



    • First appointment is 8:00am.
    • Appointment times are available throughout the day for your convenience.
      ~ This is to reduce the amount of time that your pet is at the Spa.
      ~ Please schedule your pet’s appointment on a day that you are available to pick them up as soon as they are finished.
       If you can not pick up your pet within 90 minutes of our call or text, they will be moved to Day Boarding. ($10 additional charge per pet.)
    • No Call/No Show: If you miss 2 or more appointments, you will be required to prepay for any future Spa appointments. We do not provide reminder calls for appointments. If you would like an email reminder, please provide us with a current email address.
    • Cat appointments are available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, before 10am.
      ~ We take great care to not schedule loud, barking dogs when scheduling a cat appointment, therefore, immediate appointments may not be available.
      ~ A No Call/No Show will require you to prepay for any future Spa appointments.
    • Dogs with thick coats may not be eligible for later appointments due to the amount of time needed to compete their services safely.
  • We will call or text you as soon as your pet is finished. Please be sure to provide a current contact number at drop-off.