The Spa

The Spa welcomes ALL breeds of dogs and cats.

 Current vaccinations required. For health purposes, vaccinations must be administered a minimum of 7 days prior to the pet’s Spa appointment.

The goal of our pet professionals is for each pet to love being at the Spa and to help them understand that getting groomed can be an enjoyable experience. Love, affection, and distraction are the methods we use with those pets that are not fond of being groomed. Muzzles and restraint are used as a last resort only.

  • Pre-Groom Evaluation:
    To determine which products and services fit the needs of each pet, we begin with an evaluation of the following areas:
    ~ Skin: Dryness, oily, yeast infection, sores
    ~ Coat: Dry, knots, heavy matting
    ~ Eyes: Discharge, excessive build-up, discoloration
    ~ Ears: Excessive hair in the ear canal, ear mites, infection, debris
    ~ Teeth/Mouth: Tartar build-up, broken teeth, sores, infection
    ~ Toenails: Excessively long, broken, grown into paw pad
    ~ Anal Glands: Extremely full, impacted, ruptured
    ~ Behavior: Anxious, shy, hyper, aggressive


  • All Spa Services include:
    ~ Blueberry Facial: A tearless face wash designed to help reduce the look of tear stains and odor from discharge and build-up around the eyes.
    ~ Bath: Shampoo and conditioner based on the needs of the skin and coat. (Our shampoos and conditioners contain essential oils and botanical extracts.)
    ~ Blow Dry: Hand dry or cage dry with cool air only. (We do not use heated dryers.)
    ~ Nail Trim: The nails are trimmed to a comfortable length only. Pets with excessively long nails will need to return frequently to achieve a healthy length.
    ~ Ear Cleaning: Pets with excessive hair in the ear canal will have the hair plucked. Dirt and debris is removed with a special ear cleaning solution. (Hair in the ear canal can keep an infection trapped or hidden.)
    ~ Anal Glands: The glands are checked and expressed when needed. If the glands are impacted or ruptured, a vet visit will be necessary.
    ~ Brushout: This is a light brushout only and meant to remove small tangles and loose, dead hair from longer coats. 
    De-Shed: A special combination of shampoo, conditioner, brushing, and blow drying to remove loose, dead hair and undercoat from short to medium length coats.
  • Grooming Services:
    ~ Face, feet, & sanitary: The hair around the face, feet (including paw pads), and sanitary areas are trimmed. (Breed ex. Shih tzu, Maltese, Yorkie)
    ~ Maintenance trim: The hair around the face, feet (including paw pads), sanitary areas, and any feathers (longer hair on the hind end, or front legs) is trimmed.(Breed ex. Sheltie, Pomeranian, Golden Retriever)
    ~ Breed specific cut: The haircut is according to breed standards. (Breed ex. Schnauzer, Cocker Spaniel, Westie)
    ~ Pet parent instructions: The pet is groomed according to instructions provided by the parent.
  • Add-on Services (Additional charges apply):
    ~ Dremel/file toenails: This will help to smooth the sharp edges of freshly cut nails.
    ~ Teethbrushing: An enzymatic toothpaste mixes with the pet’s saliva to continue working after your pet goes home.
  • Pricing: Bathing/Grooming prices are based on the breed, coat condition, and behavior of each pet. Any price quote is a starting price only and is subject to change. Please keep in mind that our groomers each have 18+ years of grooming experience. They do NOT use sedatives, and will only use a muzzle as a last resort.